Does MetroMax offer label holders or Shelf Markers to better organize my shelving?

MetroMax Shelving offers both Label Holders and Color Shelf Markers to help you organize and optimize your storage areas. (Label Holder & Shelf Marker Spec Sheet number is 9.25 and can be found in our "Documents" section.) 


Label Holders are avaliable for MetroMax i, 4 & Q style shelving. They are unique to each style and will not clip to each other. Please be sure to select the correct holder for your unit style. Label holders come in various sizes: 5", 12", 24", 36". (Ex. A 24" label fits on a 24" wide shelf. ) Each label accomodates 1" tall adhesive labels.  


Color Shelf markers are a great way to assign contents by color identification. Markers are ideal for coolers /freezers to follow safe foood storage practices. They are standard 6" in length. Color Shelf Markers are only available for MetroMax i & Q style shelving. Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Tan, White, Yellow, Gray. Markers are ordered individually by color.