How can I keep items from falling off the back of my plastic Metro shelving?

MetroMax Enclosure Panels: 
Metro offers enclosure panels that could be mounted to the sides and rear of both mobile and stationary shelving to contain items. (MetroMax Enclosure Panels spec Sheet number is 9.25 and can be found in our "Documents" section.) MetroMax panels work with Metromax i, 4, and Q style shelving. All mounting hardware is included. Replacement hardware can be ordered. 


Handles and enclosure panels can be used on the same end of the cart. 21" (530mm) wide units use the 12.37" (315mm) wide panels on the same side as the handle. 


Panels can also be used on Top-Track configurations. Be sure they do not interfere with the overhead tracks. Use the panels designated for the 63" post height for Top-Track. (Standard posts on Top-Track are 74", so the 63" panels won't interfere with the system.)