What are the key points I need to know about GMP/cGMP and Metro shelving?

Per the FDA's website (fda.gov), the FDA ensures the quality of drug products by monitoring drug manufacturers' compliance with its Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations.  The facilities manager should determine which shelving materials are suitable based on the cleaning protocols and environmental conditions.  
  • There are several Metro products that are constructed of materials that offer higher levels of corrosion protection and are capable of supporting CGMP.
    • Type 304 Stainless Steel wire and solid shelving
    • MetroMax i polymer shelves with Type 304 Stainless Corners
    • MetroMax 4 all polymer shelving
    • Type 304 Stainless and total-guard polymer/SS caster options
  • Metro has shelving options that meet NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) requirements for dry and wet environments.  NSF assures products meet certain requirements for safety, level of durability, and ease of cleaning.  For example – Chrome shelving with a plastic shelf mat could not earn NSF listing for all environments because the product would rust in testing and therefore not be suitable for walk-in coolers and other wet environments.  “NSF for all environments” testing also helps weed out inferior epoxy-coated products that rust prematurely.