Where is plastic shelving used? 

Cooler/Freezer - Metro’s plastic shelving solutions are perfect for use in coolers/ freezers. Their  corrosion-resistant and temperature-resistant design makes them ideal for the harsh environment of a cooler or freezer.  MetroMax shelves also include corrosion and rust warranties.

Dish areas - Dish area shelving goes through a lot of abuse due to the humid and warm environment in the dishroom. Shelves in the dishroom should be resistant to warm and humid environments and corrosion. MetroMax checks those boxes and more making them the ideal dishroom solution.  

Note: Metro offers drying rack kits that use our plastic shelving as a base. 


SPD - MetroMax has quickly become a preferred solution in sterile processing departments. Its clean design makes maintaining a sterile environment easier. MetroMax shelving is also designed to limit snags and rips making it an ideal solution for sterile pack storage. It has been shown to help limit the amount of sterile packs that need resterilization due to rips and tears.  


Sterile Environments - MetroMax offers an easy-to-clean design perfect for use in sterile environments.  


Stainless Alternative - If you're in the lab industry, MetroMax is a popular alternative to stainless shelving due to their easy-to-clean design and lower price-tag.  


Chemical Storage - MetroMax is resistant to chemical spills and cleaning material break-up. This makes it a great choice for chemical storage applications.